chapter  2
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Egg Transfer In The Mouse And Rat*

WithZeev Dickmann

This chapter discusses the problems of egg transfer in general, and outlines in detail the steps involved in the recovery of eggs from donors, their maintenance in vitro, and their transfer to recipients, in the rat. The chapter discusses two main parts in egg transfer method: technique and applications. It describes the basic steps used by most workers: the uterine wall is pierced with a needle so as to create a passage into the uterine lumen, and the micropipette containing the eggs is inserted through this passage, and the eggs are then gently released into the uterine lumen. Beatty and Tarkowski reported that term fetuses resulted from their nonsurgical transfers to the uteri of mice. Talbert and Krohn carried out a study whose purpose was to determine whether the cause for fertility decline in aging females was the uterus or the egg. In rats and mice, ectopic pregnancies almost never occur naturally, but they can be induced experimentally.