chapter  4
Integrating Traditional Growth Analysis Techniques with Recent Modeling of Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism
WithJ. D. Hesketh, J. W. Jones
Pages 42

Detailed carbon budgets of plants and organs have become important recently for studies of: translocation rates, the energy required for nitrogen reduction or fixation, flower and fruit shedding, the role of soil respiration as a contributor to crop photosynthesis, possible feedback control by accumulated photosynthate, and partitioning of photosynthate within the plant. One aspect of all such carbon-budgeting efforts has been the determination of dry matter accumulation of a plant or organ, using traditional growth analysis techniques. This chapter discusses mainly the dry-matter rate component of growth analysis. It describes the evolution of a simple field model for predicting dry weight accumulation in a stand of plants that may well be the best dynamic model available for such a purpose. The chapter considers the more detailed morphological growth analyses needed for a whole-plant synthesis. It also discusses the gas-exchange aspects of developing a carbon budget in more detail.