chapter  6
Role of information and communication technology in marketing and promoting tourism events of Rajasthan
WithShruti Arora, Anukrati Sharma
Pages 11

Tourism industry is on a high in the 21st century. As tourism is one of the fastest growing industries, within the tourism industry events are getting more and more important to attract more public and get both social and economic benefits. People will travel far away to participate in events that they find interesting. Influenced by a variety of factors, tourists tend to change their behaviour over time. E-mail remains the core promotion tool for uncommon goods or brand shows of an online store that sells unique gifts, jewellery, and home decor, garnishing its e-mail newsletter with ‘urgency’ to reach previous contacts; information technology is especially useful in promoting an event to new potential attendees as well. Event marketers typically visit various websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as the best social media, or writing a Blog or posting the photographs or videos for promoting or informing about the events going to be organised at a particular place like musical events, sports events, international folk festivals and so on. In an era when capturing live content on laptops, tablets and smartphones are essential to our working lives, it is interesting to measure the extent to which they are being used at present. The chapter highlights the role of using information technology for promoting an event to attract more tourists, and to find out the main motivational factor that influences the tourist to select a particular destination with the help of secondary data.