chapter  7
Social media impact on tourism events
A case study in Jordan
WithAhmad R. Albattat, Salam Tadros, Karen Miranda-Fernandez
Pages 16

The promotion of festival is a significant contributor behind the economic development and growth of a country. Every country is striving to build an enhanced image and to share its culture, values and environment with others through the promotion of festivals. Jordan’s cultural festivals are designed to promote the culture of Jordan abroad. In spite of the economic contribution of such festivals, cultural festivals are used as a key force in tourism development, seasonality enlargement, enhanced image and boosting the economy. This chapter relies on secondary data because little information has been documented on social media’s impact on Jordanian tourism events. The three most important festivals in Jordan and their impacts are highlighted. These events illustrate the influence they have to raise the profile of their host cities, attract visitors, deliver economic benefits, and create jobs.