chapter  Ten
22 Pages

The Changing Role of the Household Economy in a World of Expanding Technology

ByDavid Darton, Gerard O’Neill

This chapter analyses some of the results from the Henley Centre's 'Planning for Social Change' survey to identify how the role of the household economy in Britain may change in the future. It considers the current behaviour, attitudes, and expectations revealed in the survey in the context of demographic, economic, political, and technological changes. The chapter begins with a very brief historical perspective and discusses the extent to which people use their home and the extent of family activity as opposed to individual activity. It examines the impact of technology, including specifically information technology. The chapter offers a view of how the role of the household economy may change in the future. It suggests that the nature of the household economy and its importance in the British economy may be fundamentally changing. The chapter also discusses the impact of home technology on the household economy.