chapter  Twelve
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Attitudes of Bank Employees to Technological Change: A Survey of the South African Banking Industry

ByHazel T. Suchard

New technology affects all workers ranging from those who work with machines in industries such as motor and engineering to those who work with word-processing and data-processing technology in the clerical sector. It concerns, for example, the introduction of automatic teller machines in the banking industry. In South Africa, a country where white trade union groupings generally have had non-adversarial, good working relationships with employers, the available statistics on banking and building societies make no connection between technological change and employment. The issue was considered sufficiently important by the banking union South African Society of Bank Officials to be the subject of a special survey on the attitudes of banking and building society employees to technological change. With regard to the distribution of respondents by earnings, there is a tendency for females to earn less than males. As far as technological change is concerned, there is still considerable potential for technological change.