chapter  8
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Connecting expert knowledge in the design of classroom learning experiences

WithKate Thompson, Sakinah S. J. Alhadad, Simon Buckingham Shum, Sarah Howard, Simon Knight, Roberto Martinez-Maldonado, Abelardo Pardo

In contemporary learning environments, there is a pressing need to explore a tighter interdisciplinary approach in which learning sciences, learning analytics, and classroom experts co-create learning designs. We draw on research about interdisciplinary team science to explore a design problem from the perspective of a team of such experts. The focus of the case is the design of assessment for a new graduate course, and the way in which data could be used to support this. Drawing on multimodal data collected during the session, the discourse of the experts and the design artefacts produced during the design meeting demonstrate the successful process interdisciplinary design. We identify and explore three core advantages to engaging in this process, related to (1) improved pedagogic impact; (2) the development of innovative research; and (3) the deployment of higher quality learning analytics innovations.