chapter  10
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Beef carcass grading and classification

ByMichael E. Dikeman, Kansas State University, USA

Global demand for beef has increased rather dramatically in recent years and is expected to continue to increase, primarily because of an emerging ‘middle class’ in several developing countries. There is clear evidence for beef as a choice of protein, if it meets consumers’ expectations for palatability, and is convenient, consistent, safe, healthy and affordable. The goals for beef production, beef processing and retail marketing in all countries, therefore, need to include

1 appropriate integration of genetics and management systems that are profitable and sustainable;

2 cattle with optimum dressing percentages, meat yields and meat quality to meet beef processor demands and profitability;

3 meat that has the highest level of safety and wholesomeness; 4 meat that is optimum in nutritional value; 5 production and processing systems that meet societal expectations for animal welfare

and are friendly to the environment and 6 meat that consistently meets consumers’ expectations for palatability.