chapter  14
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Packaging systems for beef retailers and their effects on visual quality and palatability J. W. S. Yancey, University of Arkansas, USA

Packages have several functions within the beef industry, with the most obvious to protect beef cuts from the outside environment. Packaging plays a pivotal role in ensuring food safety of beef cuts and enhancing the shelf life of beef, reducing waste and saving money for producers and, eventually, consumers. Packages also provide retailers with a tool for labelling and informing consumers about the quality and healthfulness of their beef purchase. Packaging systems must respect the desires of consumers, beginning with the

visual appraisal of the beef and continuing into the safety, wholesomeness, cooking and eating experience of consumers. In some cases, consumers will even expect packaging to reflect their values in maintaining environmental stewardship by minimizing waste of packaging materials and food lost because it was not purchased in a timely manner and then discarded by retailers.