chapter  12
Optimizing Price, Release, and Testing Stop Time Decisions of a Software Product
ByA. K. Shrivastava, Subhrata Das, Adarsh Anand, Ompal Singh
Pages 15

Testing phase is a standout among the most imperative stages in the software life cycle, which helps in concluding that the software application is a deliverable item that can meet both designer and client prerequisites. Dividing the testing stage into pre-release and post-release testing stages causes the developers to considerably expand their testing base from a set number of analyzers to a fundamentally huge number of analyzers during the shift from pre-release to post release testing phase of the software. Customers need good quality product at lower prices, but providing good quality product needs effort and resources, which puts constraints on the firm's decision to offer low-price products. Decisions related to software release, testing, pricing, and profit are some of the most important aspects of policy making in the software industry. Many researchers have worked behind the ideology of obtaining an optimal release time of the software based on different combination of attributes.