chapter  10
Safety Certification of Mixed-Criticality Systems
WithI. Martinez, G. Bouwer, F. Chauvel, Ø. Haugen, R. Heinen, G. Klaes, A. Larrucea Ortube, C. F. Nicolas, P. Onaindia, K. Pankhania, J. Perez, A. Vasilevskiy
Pages 44

This chapter explains the overall DREAMS safety certification strategy. It describes basic certification concepts and their applicability to mixed-criticality multi-core systems. It analyses the safety certification strategy with the description of modular safety cases, mixed-criticality solution patterns, DREAMS Functional Safety Management, product lines and a methodology for the certification of mixed-criticality product lines. The chapter explores the proposed method for the certification of mixed-criticality product lines. ‘Evaluation’ is the same activity which is referred to in IEC 61508 as ‘assessment’ or ‘functional safety assessment’ since it is a standard for Functional Safety. The IEC 61508 safety standard covers the failures caused by memory sharing such as the causal factors of the execution interference between components of a single computer platform. The harmonization of the underlying requirements from different safety standards is an ongoing trend, although currently, no cross-domain solution copes with the differences between the safety standards.