chapter  9
Resource Management Services
WithG. Gala, G. Fohler, C. Pagetti, C. Pagetti
Pages 26

This chapter describes the DREAMS Resource Management Services, which are composed of the Global Resource Manager, Local Resource Managers (LRM), Local Resource Schedulers (LRS) and Resource Monitors (MON) services. It provides an overview of the Resource Management (RM) services by giving a short definition of each RM component. The chapter elaborates on the MON, LRS, LRM and GRM respectively by describing the general approach and exhibiting an implementation of each. DREAMS provides a set of services for system-wide adaptability of mixed-criticality applications consuming several resources via global integrated RM. The implementation of the MON for deadline overrun is hardware dependent and the timing is computed with local core registers. The execution of the MON for Quality of Service takes the advantage of deadline overrun monitoring actions to capture the behavior of critical applications. The operation of the LRM is constrained by a complete symmetric local reconfiguration graph.