chapter  4
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Between old and new traditions

Transnational solidarities and the love for Liverpool FC
WithRenan Petersen-Wagner

Arguably, in the last 15 years globalization, fueled by social media, has reshaped how socializations are fostered and maintained. Moreover, the same processes have had a profound impact on one of the most fundamental emotions of humankind: love. Departing from those assumptions, based on an 18-month ethnography/netnography of football supporters of one particular English club in Brazil and Switzerland, I sought to unveil the discourses supporters crafted in relation to their historiographies as cosmopolitan flâneurs. The critical discourse analysis showed that they used both individual and collective stories to craft their biographies as true Liverpool FC supporters. From those findings I argue that individualization in cosmopolitan times entails a “being-for-a-chosen-other” (Dasein für ausgewählte Andere) – this other being the re-traditionalized structures of modernity. I conclude by pointing out that precarious freedom does not relate to the necessity of choosing, but to their necessity of constantly legitimizing their choices.