chapter  15
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The challenge of gender

Marginal participation of women in mathematics in Nigeria
WithAyo S. Obale-Hundeyin

This chapter discusses why gender imbalance in mathematics exists in Nigerian schools. It offers strategies for the improvement of girls' education in mathematics, science, and technology. While the benefits of science and mathematics education for women in sustainable social and economic development are numerous in some major parts of the world, Africa lags behind other continents regarding the provision of science and mathematics education for girls. Discovering what causes gender inequality in mathematics education has been the centre of attention of much gender research and studies on mathematics and science education. One difference between girls and boys in math and science education that is suggested by gender researchers in many countries is the difference in self-confidence. Gender awareness training in the form of workshops and in-service training programs for mathematics and science educators should become an integral part of the Nigerian school curriculum, as they are necessary to help produce up-to-date and competent teachers.