chapter  16
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Rural women farmers and food production in Ekiti–Kwara, Nigeria

Motives and challenges of operation
WithRaphael Abiodun Olawepo

This chapter examines the roles played by women in agriculture and food production. It describes the extent of their contribution to food production and nutritional development, the spatial distribution of women's food production abilities, their motives for participation, as well as the challenges experienced in their operations of farming and food production. Agriculture has continued to play a dominant role in the Nigerian economy. An intricate nexus exists between the environment, agriculture, and livelihood in Ekiti–Kwara. Women are usually involved in various agricultural practices in the area of food production and food processing, especially in the areas of harvesting and marketing. The intention was to assess the major constraints confronting rural women farmers in the performance of their work activities on farms and their selling in the markets. To explain the roles of women in food production in rural areas, there is a need to examine some background information about the women farmers.