chapter  17
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Female achievement in geography and planning studies at Lagos State University, Nigeria

WithMohammad Olaitan Lawal

This chapter explores female achievement in geography and planning. It examines how the Department of Geography and Planning could attract and motivate prospective female students who might want to major in this field, as geography had long been regarded as a man's field due to its toughness. The Lagos State University was established in November 1984 with four major faculties. These faculties include those of Education, Science, Engineering Technology and Environmental Studies, and Law and Humanities. Within the Nigerian environment, there are also women of substance who can be recognized by the kind of achievement they have made and their indelibly imprinted mark on the Nigerian landscape. The Centre for Planning Studies was also established to train professionals in the area of planning and transport. The centre which used to be under the auspices of the Department of Geography and Planning has now become autonomous as the Centre for Planning Studies with a Director.