chapter  13
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Gender Initiatives between Support and Denial

A Cross-Cultural Study of Two Automotive Companies in Germany and France
WithMounia Utzeri, Beáta Nagy, Iuliana Ancuţa Ilie

This case explores how initiatives supporting women’s career advancement and gender diversity policies are perceived by international female and male managers working for two automotive companies based in France and Germany. Although the automotive industry is known for being a masculine corporate environment, both case companies have gender policies in place. However, gender is only one dimension of diversity. Other aspects such as nationality and country images associated with certain nationalities interact and thus contribute to intricate organizational experiences. We approach this from an intersectional perspective based on Acker’s (2006) concept of inequality regimes and Holvino’s (2012) model of simultaneity of social differences to highlight how gender and nationality intersect in cross-cultural contexts. Drawing on qualitative interviews with international managers at both sites, we show that gender, nationality and country images intersect, and that international female managers, through their experiences and attitudes, might have an effect on the gendered practices of organizations.