chapter  136
Environmental management of a blue-green network: A case of Valapad in Thrissur, Kerala
ByN. Basheer & C.A. Bindu
Pages 8

ABSTRACT: Natural resources and the extent of their management are important for any region, particularly to meet the demand for resources in these times of change. There should be a ground for effective planning and management of these resources. They have environmental, ecological, socio-cultural and economic roles to play among many others. The need for an integrated development plan for Valapad, a coastal gramapanchayat of Thrissur district in Kerala, India highlighted a requirement for a detailed on-site study of the environmental sector of the area. The focus was on developing effective water management and green infrastructure simultaneously. The changes that have taken place in the land use due to the changes in land utilization, levels of encroachment, low public awareness, destruction of flora and fauna, for example have contributed toward diverse effects that are irreversible. This paper focuses on the amount of environmentally sensitive areas present in the region, the existing scenario and the strategies that can be adopted for the management of the same.