chapter  31
Role of sodium silicate in strength development of cement treated clayey soil admixed with composite promoter
ByK.R. Keerthi & J. Bindu
Pages 6

Construction of buildings and other civil engineering structures on weak or soft soil is highly risky because such soil is susceptible to differential settlements due to its poor shear strength and high compressibility. Soil stabilization is the process of improving the physical and engineering properties of problematic soils to some predetermined targets. Sodium silicates have been widely used as supplementary cementing materials substituting ordinary Portland cement to improve the soil properties. OPC is the most commonly used stabilizer since it is readily available at reasonable cost. Nevertheless, a major issue with using OPC is that its production processes are energy intensive and emit a large quantity of CO2. To improve the environmental acceptability and to reduce the construction cost of the deep mixing method, the partial replacement of the cement by supplementary cementing materials such as sodium silicate is one of the best alternative ways.