chapter  37
Interference effect of adjacent footings resting on granular beds overlying weak soils
ByA.A. Khader, J. Jayaraj & S.R. Soorya
Pages 6

ABSTRACT: Due to limited space available for the construction of structures and support of heavy loads, foundations are often placed close to each other; the footings interact with each other and their behavior is thus not dissimilar to that of a single isolated footing. This study aims to determine experimentally the effect of interference of closely spaced shallow footings (strip footings), resting on granular beds overlying a ‘weak soil’. The laboratory model tests were carried out at different ‘center to center’ spacing between the footings. The ultimate bearing capacity of footings increased up to a certain critical spacing and thereafter decreased. The bearing capacity of interfering footings improved due to the provision of a granular bed.