chapter  9
22 Pages

Global Citizenship Education in Teacher Education in Asia

A Case Study From Vietnam
WithHoa Truong-White, Thi Nhat Ho

This chapter adds to existing conversations by contributing perspectives from Vietnam, a country that is underrepresented in the literature on citizenship education. Given the critical role of teachers in enacting this new initiative, it focuses on the analysis of teacher education curricula at a leading teacher education institute in the northern region of Vietnam. The chapter sketches the context of global citizenship education (GCED) as it is taken up in policies and curriculum in general, and teacher education programs more specifically, in Asian countries. It then situate analysis of Vietnam within this broader landscape, focusing on conceptions of global citizenship reflected in teacher education curriculum policies and course syllabi at a large teacher training university. The chapter promotes critical thinking, skills in problem solving, discussions and cooperation, this part of the course is often left out of the final exam; therefore, it is given little attention by most professors.