chapter  10
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Global Citizenship Education and Teacher Education in Spain and Portugal

WithAlfredo Gomes Dias, Antonio Ernesto Gómez Rodríguez, Antoni Santisteban, Joan Pagès Blanch

Citizenship Education and Global Citizenship Education in Spain and Portugal have been taking place in the context of the European Union and the Council of Europe since at least the end of the twentieth century. In this chapter, the situation regarding the curriculum of global citizenship education and teacher education in Europe, particularly Spain and Portugal, is presented. Evidence regarding the double intention of citizenship education is presented. The situation in Portugal is somewhat different from that of Spain. In Spain, Global Citizenhip Education as part of initial teacher education is urgently required. The curricula of teacher education programs in Spain and Portugal differ much from each other, although both are members of the European Union and of the Council of Europe. In Spain, global citizenship education in initial teacher education programs has been negatively affected by debates on redundant departments in institutions of higher education.