chapter  13
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Teacher Education and Global Citizenship Education in Latin America

The Cases of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia
WithGustavo A. González-Valencia, Miguel Angel Jara, Sixtina Pinochet Pinochet, Léia Adriana da Silva Santiago, Joan Pagès Blanch

This chapter provides an overview of global citizenship education in teacher education in Latin America, with a focus on cases of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia. It examines the presence of global citizenship in the curriculum. The chapter starts with a brief general account of citizenship education in Latin America. It describes the main characteristics of initial teacher education. The chapter focuses on the relations between initial teacher education and global citizenship. It provides a summary and some conclusions. In all Latin American countries, the idea of building global citizenship is subordinated to the construction of national identity. The educational laws promulgated in Latin American countries after the return to democracy deal mainly with national citizenship education, making only marginal references to concept of global citizenship. The chapter concludes with a description of the main features of global citizenship education in each of the four countries.