chapter  6
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UNESCO ASPnet Schools, Global Citizenship Education, and Conviviality as a Tool to Live Together on a Shared Planet

WithLynette Shultz, Maren Elfert

This chapter explores the goals of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) within the context of the current global issues and educational responses. Theorists and practitioners have contributed to the idea of conviviality as an analytic tool and as a way to move toward a shared future. UNESCO goals for ASPnet currently highlight the importance of global citizenship education and education for sustainable development. UNESCO’s recently shifted focus on knowledge and learning for collective societal goods returns to the importance of learning to live together. The chapter proposes that by shifting the foundation of the network to one of conviviality, the dynamic network can be ignited into a bold and powerful mechanism of change, a “tool for conviviality”. It concludes with recommendations for teacher education to support and extend the ASPnet goals.