chapter  7
22 Pages

Global Citizenship Education and Teacher Education in Africa

WithSamson Maekele Tsegay, Mcjerry Atta Bekoe

This chapter explores development and ongoing discourse of Global Citizenship Education (GCED) and teacher education in Africa. It is informed by theories of globalization and critical education. The nature of global citizenship is better understood when it is analyzed in accordance with concept of globalization. Along with disciplinary-based course content, global citizenship competency is an integral component of teacher education, reflected in practical pedagogical experiences connected with real world problems. The chapter focuses on how GCED and teacher education in Africa relate to educational policies, course content and pedagogical practices. The need for GCED in teacher education is significant to empower teachers to be the leaders of change by decolonizing the mind of African students and educating them to love themselves and all humanity. The term “Africa” has been used as a catch-all phrase for any country within the continent. Despite some basic commonalities, African countries have diverse cultures and traditions.