chapter  Chapter 11
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Artificial Intelligence for Enterprise Networks

BySandeep Gupta, Kathleen Meier-Hellstern, Michael Satterlee

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key enabler for the digital transformation that is shaping enterprises across all sectors of the economy. Digital transformation enables enterprises to seamlessly blend digital and physical business and customer experiences while improving operational efficiencies and organizational performance. Successful digital transformations focus on creating, collecting, and analyzing customer and operational data so that data-driven decisions can be taken to improve the processes. Network functions that reside at enterprise locations are virtualized, so that a typical location contains white boxes serving as small clouds hosting virtual routers, firewalls, Internet-of-Things (IoT) gateways, and limited AI functions. The digital transformation also requires network and service providers to deliver more agile and adaptive services. An enterprise wide area network (WAN) is basically a fabric connecting many different network segments of the enterprise, such as branch locations, headquarters locations, regional offices, home offices, and mobile endpoints.