chapter  Chapter 13
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Artificial Intelligence for Infrastructure Monitoring and Traffic Optimization

ByLaurie Bigler, Vijay Gopalakrishnan

This chapter introduces opportunities for applying artificial intelligence (AI) for both monitoring and optimizing the network. Artificial intelligence promises more efficient utilization of network capacity and spectrum, increasing network scale in terms of devices, as well as opportunities to improve user experience. The chapter summarizes and describes the challenges and safeguards that must be addressed to realize the full potential of AI. 5G networks will provide an environment with high reliability, ultra-high data speeds, extremely low latency, very low packet loss, and flexible use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum. In addition, with 5G network slicing, a service provider can share one common network infrastructure to address the diverse needs from very different applications simultaneously. The traffic management entity provides automated and adaptive flight routes to/from the drone wirelessly at the mission start and during navigation. There will be inherent challenges for network operators to support the radio connectivity between the drones and the traffic management entity.