chapter  Chapter 14
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Artificial Intelligence for Customer Experience and Care

ByJason Hunt, Sunil Dube

This chapter reviews the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in augmented decision-making for transforming the customer experience and care. AI plays critical roles in the front-end digital experience when interacting with the user, and in the back-end data processing for extracting intelligence that aid a human or a virtual agent. In the transformed digital experience, the customer can engage with an enterprise using a variety of engagement mechanisms, including voice, chatbots, and a number of engagement channels like the mobile, web, phone, or kiosks. The knowledge of personalized interactions and personality insights can be used to train the AI system to come up with personalized responses for exceptional customer experience. The trained AI system identified the tone of the customer to be upset and used the next-best action, which was to get an expert to assist the customer. AI systems have the potential to predict customer churn and reduce the losses associated with customer churn.