chapter  Chapter 15
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New Artificial Intelligence Frontiers for Autonomous Networks

ByAnit Lohtia, Chris Rice

The networks have gone through major transformations from a simple voice-wired network to hyperconnected mobile wireless networks. The next frontier is artificial intelligence (AI)-driven autonomous networks. The evolution to autonomous network will require evolution of processes and people as well. An autonomous network will be built using a number of technologies of which many will be created in open-source communities. The modern communication network has literally billions of connections a day, and millions of devices and network elements to make those connections happen in a seamless, timely, highly reliable manner. Mobile communications, texting, social media, Internet protocol (IP) routing of packets, which include video, and many other forms are widely used in communication networks. In the advanced economic, the Internet and the social media combined with the digitization of the business processes are disrupting many industries with new business models, for example, Uber transportation, Airbnb hospitality, and many others.