chapter  Chapter 4
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Blockchain and Cryptography for Secure Information Sharing

ByMatt Dugan, Wiley Wilkins

This chapter introduces the role of information security and consensus mechanisms as they apply for autonomous, artificial intelligence (AI). It provides an overview of different consensus mechanisms and illustrates the need for incorruptible information records corresponding to the AI decision inputs, decision records, and feedback records used to correct and supplement AI decision making. The chapter presents an overview of Leveraging Blockchain and cryptographic implications, which are leveraged both in common and by default among leading Blockchain implementations. It introduces consensus algorithms commonly used in Blockchain solutions and discusses the trade-offs therein and provides the key reasons to leverage Blockchain features to supplement AI. The chapter looks forward to how distributed ledgers can support distributed AI, closed-loop feedback mechanisms, and introduces a future relevant concept of parliamentary AI for higher order decision making using secure information sharing. Applying Blockchain-backed AI instances within orchestration systems such as Software-Defined Networks allows for native closed-loops of inputs, action, results, and corrections.