chapter  22
Breaking the peace
The Quebec City terrorist attack
WithBarbara Perry
Pages 11

While arguably less Islamophobic that many of its Western counterparts, Canada has also seen its share of vilification and violence associated directed toward Muslims. The country did see a spike of violence post-9/11. The lingering anti-Muslim sentiment was most recently stoked by a divisive federal election campaign. However, the Islamophobic rhetoric of the federal Conservatives appears to have been costly to them, as the election was won by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. The party’s more inclusive stance seemed to have broader appeal, and in fact, to have calmed the waters of Islamophobia. Sadly, the even more vitriolic political campaign waged in our southern neighbour during 2016 has spilled over the border to once again trigger anti-Muslim violence here as well as in the United States. This chapter, then, traces the recent cycles of inclusion and exclusion experienced by Muslims in Canada.