chapter  16
Neuroscientific Methods and Tools in Consumer Research
WithSteven D. Shaw, Yavuz Acikalin, Baba Shiv, Carolyn Yoon
Pages 23

Neuroscientific methods and tools can be used to discover unique and useful consumer insights. Over and above “traditional research methods,” such as surveys and behavioral experiments, neuroscientific methods have advantages that can help extend and advance marketing theory. For instance, neuroscientific methods allow researchers to collect responses from consumers that would otherwise be inaccessible. Often, consumers cannot or do not wish to reveal their true attitudes, judgments, or evaluations because they are not consciously aware of them, are unable to verbalize them, or may be concerned that their truthful answers are socially undesirable. As a result, traditional methods can yield biased or inaccurate responses, which neuroscientific methods can help to avoid.