chapter  26
Designing and Interpreting Replication Studies in Psychological Research
WithLeandre R. Fabrigar, Duane T. Wegener, Thomas I. Vaughan-Johnston, Laura E. Wallace, Richard E. Petty
Pages 25

We live in an era of angst about how research in psychology is conducted, analyzed, and interpreted. To suggest otherwise ignores significant scholarship in every type of academic outlet, from conference presentations to empirical journals to theoretical journals, book chapters, and edited or authored books. Indeed, the discussion has extended beyond traditional academic outlets to reach websites, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and more. The many discussions have not represented idle chatter. Journals have taken steps to change submission guidelines. New journals have been created to address methodological practices and advocated improvements. New research funding efforts and data collection efforts have focused on enhancing the role of replication studies per se, and funding agencies have increased attention to factors they believe will increase replicability of results.