chapter  Chapter 11
The Metal/Carbon Nanocomposites Modification With Use of Ammonium Polyphosphate for the Application as Nanomodifier of Epoxy Resins
WithR. V. Mustakimov, V. I. Kodolov, I. N. Shabanova, N. S. Terebova
Pages 14

The different methods of the phosphorus-containing copper/carbon nanocomposites formation are considered in this chapter. The difference of methods is concluded as follows: (1) The mixing-grinding of reagents in relation 1:1; (2) The mixing-grinding of reagents with addition of water small qualities; and (3) the mixing-grinding of reagents with last vacuum using. The estimation of investigation results is carried out by 162the means of IR-spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Better results were obtained when the second variant was utilized. In this case, the atomic magnetic moment is increased from 1.3 to 3 Bohr Magneton, and the oxidation state of phosphorus atom is decreased from +5 to 0, according to X-ray photoelectron spectra. These data correspond to IR spectra.