chapter  Chapter 12
Efficiency of Metal/Carbon Nanocomposite Application in Lily Growing Under Protected Soil Conditions
WithV. M. Merzlyakova, A. A. Lapin, V. I. Kodolov
Pages 14

The scientific investigations and industrial experiments on the copper/carbon nanocomposites influence in the processes of bulb lily promotion carried out. Obtained results show the increase in the height of the flower sprout, the height of the stem during the cutting of plants, the number of buds, and the diameter of the open flowers. It is established that the use of 0.01% copper/carbon nanocomposite in the cultivation of lilies led to an increase in the cost of sales and, accordingly, profit and profitability of production. Treatment of lily bulbs with a 0.01% of copper/carbon nanocomposite is energetically effective since allowed to get products of higher quality.