chapter  Chapter 18
Small-Sized Technological Electron Spectrometer with Magnetic Energy-Analyzer
WithYu. G. Manakov, I. N. Shabanova, V. A. Trapeznikov, Ye. A. Morozov
Pages 8

In this chapter, the description is given about the development of a unique small-sized portable X-ray electron magnetic spectrometer for the serial production and application in industry. Due to the growth of the role of surface analysis for the development of the technologies for obtaining materials of a new generation, it is necessary to develop small-sized and low-cost X-ray electron magnetic spectrometers for building them in an industrial production line and for researches in the sphere of high nanotechnologies accompanied by the factors leading to fouling an energy-analyzer in an electrostatic spectrometer.

The development of a small-sized X-ray electron magnetic spectrometer is attained by the decrease of the spectrometer orbit radius to 10–15 cm, the creation of a new system of the compensation of external magnetic fields, a new energy analyzer, and an improved protection against powerful process effects; by changing the shape of the toroidal chamber for the attachment to the production line, by using technological adapters for investigations 238at the temperatures in the range of 80–2000 K, etc. Thus, the small-sized X-ray electron magnetic spectrometer allows conducting investigations in the fields where the use of electrostatic analyzers leads to worsening their parameters and the spectrometer destruction. The use of the small-sized X-ray electron magnetic spectrometer will allow the development of new technologies.