chapter  Chapter 23
Carbon Nanoparticles Based on Graphite Nitrate Cointercalation Compounds
WithE. V. Raksha, Yu. V. Berestneva, O. M. Padun, A. N. Vdovichenko, M. V. Savoskin, G. E. Zaikov
Pages 4

A number of new graphite nitrate cointercalation compounds with organic substances such as esters, ethers, ketones, carboxylic acids, and others were synthesized. A characteristic of these compounds stability was suggested. New low-temperature wet chemistry method for producing carbon nanoscrolls was proposed. The method is based on the use of readily available acceptor-type graphite intercalation compounds. Initial graphite intercalation compound is first exfoliated to produce a suspension of separate graphene monolayers, which is subsequently sonicated yielding a final product—carbon nanoscrolls.