chapter  Chapter 3
Development of the Prognostic Apparatus in the Study of Nanobiobodies
WithE. M. Basarygina, T. A. Putilova, M. V. Barashkov
Pages 8

In order to develop a prognostic device, applied for nano- and bioobjector study, the technique of rapid assessment of photosynthetic pigments, which can detect stress conditions in plants, is considered. In accordance with the established methodology, a rapid assessment of the photosynthetic apparatus pigment systems requires consistent implementation of the following stages: Registration of the absorption spectrum of the leaves (with the help of a photometric measurement equipment); definition of indicators pigment systems; and comparison of the values. The proposed express assessment is designed for production conditions of greenhouse complexes, does not require sample preparation, precedes physical and chemical analysis and complements the tissue diagnostics.

The developed technique allowed us to determine recommended values of optical density for pigment systems of the photosynthetic apparatus, which are characteristic for actively growing and developing cucumber plants having high yield. Timely detection of stressful conditions and carrying out compensatory measures help to prevent crop losses, ensure environmental cleanliness and product quality.