chapter  5
Accessing a demonised subculture: studying drug use and violence among bodybuilders
WithLee Monaghan
Pages 15

This chapter discusses the significance of researcher characteristics when achieving social access that is. 'getting on' with the researched by referring it ethnography of bodybuilding, drug use and violence. It highlights the advantages of participation in the studied culture for the purposes of doing 'face work', and benefits of adopting an 'active membership role' that is, a field role. Focusing upon the 'bodybuilder' field role which Junker assumed throughout the main study period, more marginal, field roles could have compromised social access. The chapter discusses the issue of social access and the significance of field roles and presentation of self by referring to the author's ethnographic work on a 'demonised' subculture. Researchers without prior involvement in the studied group have demonstrated an ability to conduct ethnopharmacological research in general and studies of steroid use in particular.