chapter  6
‘Rape from afar’: men exposing to women and children
WithRosalind Beck
Pages 20

This chapter reports on qualitative research with female victims and discusses appropriateness of qualitative methods to develop a women's and victims' perspective on an offence where convicted sex offenders have been the key informants to date. It argues that only by listening to people with experiences of such offences to develop the understanding of motivations for such behaviour and the real consequences for victims. The chapter focuses on the rationale for using semi-structured interviews and focus groups and on substantive findings to illustrate the value of qualitative methods in victim-focused research. It describes the research, focusing on sexual violence, that is a first step towards putting the problem of exposing on the policy agenda. The chapter discusses the compatibility of qualitative methods with the priorities of a feminist researcher. It is difficult to understand why men rape, plunder and murder, yet these crimes however abhorrent, seem to be readily explicable than the illegal act of indecent exposure.