chapter  2
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It Still Matters Where You Live: Rural Women's Employment Throughout Europe

WithBettina Bock

This chapter begins with examination of the issues by comparing national and regional employment statistics. But in order to appreciate fully the enormous variation that exists in rural women's employment situation more detailed studies are needed. The chapter examines local case studies. It presents an analytic framework that might guide comparative research and add to the development of theoretical insight. The chapter suggests that comparison of regions using the framework should make it possible to explain differences in employment, not only between men and women but also amongst rural women. It focuses on tailor-made policies that improve rural women's employment. There is also evidence that the economic and political transformation of central and eastern European countries has had detrimental effects on the social and economic position of rural women. The employment situation of rural women in southern Europe is more precarious, as it is in remote rural regions, compared to more urbanized rural regions.