chapter  Chapter 9
Links Between Education and the Labour Market: Narrowing the Mismatch Between Demand and Supply
WithHaroon Bhorat
Pages 16

Ironically, one of the areas that has received little attention in the South African debate, given our ostensible focus on job creation, is that of the link between educational outcomes and employment. More broadly, this can be understood as the relationship between human capital accumulation amongst individuals and the impact this has on their labour market status. While numerous papers have been written in South Africa on the returns to education, in the tradition of the earnings function analysis, this work has been far too confirmatory and sanguine, and less appreciative of the complexities inherent in the linkages between educational attainment and employment. This chapter will attempt to deal with this drawback. The route will not be to try and add more controls to the earnings function in an attempt to capture education more fairly. Rather, we try here to assess the available descriptive, yet unusual data, on education and the labour market. This would then lead to a more considered understanding of the role of education in determining labour market status. Specifically, we would hope to develop a coherent framework, within which to adequately deal with the role of education in the labour market.