chapter  12
Western-Russian Acquisition Negotiations and Post-Acquisition Integration: A Case Study
WithKenneth Husted, Snejina Michailova
Pages 14

This chapter presents the key challenges Danish multinational Rockwool met in the process of negotiating with the Russian partner and in the first year after the acquisition and how Rockwool dealt with the challenges. A number of various factors needed to be considered, such as Rockwool's uncertainty about the political consequences of the economic crisis in Russia, the changes introduced by the Russian authorities regarding the payment rules. Rockwool has succeeded both during the acquisition negotiations and in establishing a well-functioning cooperation with the Russian partner in the post-acquisition integration process because it was oriented towards the human side of the acquisition as much as towards the production. An acquisition negotiation is a challenging process both in terms of its very nature, but also because it affects the subsequent relationship between the two parties. Compared to Mostermosteklo's structure, a number of changes were introduced in Mineralnaya Vata's organizational configuration.