chapter  1
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Negative Consequences of National Policy on Human Resource Management Practices in Russia
WithRuth C. May, Donna E. Ledgerwood
Pages 18

This chapter discusses specific examples of the negative consequences of recent national policy on Human Resource Management practices in Russia within the client firms, and how these firms are coping with the unpredictability of Vladimir Putin's new authoritarian agenda. The Gregory Rachmilevich Rayter Group's projects with Russian firms include on-site training and coaching in strategic planning and human resource management. Putin's first presidential administration was a prosperous time for Russia as global oil prices climbed and the political climate calmed in comparison to the turbulent Yeltsin years. With blat once again emerging as a powerful competitive weapon, firms are looking to individuals whom they know can strengthen their connections to and within the government. Blatters have typically developed their powers of influence through familial connections or through long careers in industry or politics. The chapter describes problems caused by blatters which are related to recruitment and selection, trust and accountability.