chapter  7
Recruitment at Russian Enterprises
WithValery Yakubovich, Irina kozina
Pages 17

This chapter discusses the direction in which Russian recruitment practices are headed and the actors that shape them. It describes the context in which recruitment practices have been developing since the economic liberalization of 1992. The chapter outlines the general approach to recruitment in Russian firms and also discusses recruitment practices in each of the sectors of the labour market. It utilizes the rich data being collected in the ongoing project 'Management and Labour Relations: Management Practices of Modern Russian Enterprises' that includes 55 case studies of large, mediumsize, and small firms from a variety of economic branches located in seven Russian regions. The chapter also describes the direction in which they are developing and the forces that shape that direction. It explores the social networks complement formal channels such as government-run employment centers, private employment agencies, and mass media. Managers responsible for financial and macro-economic policies are more likely to be recruited this way than those responsible for production.