chapter  8
Tendencies of the Russian Labour and Recruitment Markets – Employment in a Medium-sized IT Company
WithHenrik Loos
Pages 22

This chapter overviews current tendencies in the Moscow recruitment industry before the backdrop of recent developments on the Russian labour market. It gives an example of human resource management practices in a medium-sized Russian Information Technology company from the point of view of an employee undergoing the full employment cycle from recruitment to resignation. The Human Resources deficit also came as a surprise to many employees, who are now increasingly assessing their professional value on the labour markets independent of their organizations. Recent political, social and economic developments in the Russian Federation have had a great impact on the national labour market. The economic changes, which affected organizations to various degrees in respect to their size, industry, location and ownership, have also altered the labour market and the society as a whole. Enterprises with the state as the majority shareholder take up an intermediate position.