chapter  10
Perth's Commonwealth Games Heritage: Whose Value at What Price?
WithCatherine Kennewell, Brian J. Shaw
Pages 17

This chapter explores the value and cost of securing and retaining sporting heritage in a rapidly changing recreation and leisure environment, placed within a rapidly changing urban and socio-economic environment in which sport has succumbed to ever increasing commercialisation and commodification. Some difficulties involved in the elevation of places are examined through two case studies of heritage sites dating from the Vllth British Empire and Commonwealth Games held in Perth, and Western Australia, 1962. Perth's Games legacy represents much more than 'just' sporting heritage. The Games were instrumental in exposing the rather parochial capital of Australia's hitherto 'Cinderella State' to the much wider world. If fading memories of the stadium no longer evoke a sense of belonging and identity for Perth residents, the Games Village was likely to have an even more tenuous emotional attachment to the broader community. Similar differences in responses were found when residents were asked if heritage listings should be applied to suburban properties.