chapter  11
Port, Sport and Heritage: Fremantle's Unholy Trinity?
WithRoy Jones
Pages 17

This chapter presents an ongoing series of heritage/port conflicts in this resource maintenance phase. It discusses with specific reference to heritage/sport conflicts, the outcomes with respect to heritage resource maintenance have proved less predictable and have even led to novel questionings of the nature of Fremantle's heritage. Over the resource maintenance phase of Fremantle's development however, both the spatial and the social divisions between the City and the port have come increasingly into focus. The spectacular Western Australian Maritime Museum was opened at the west end of the Quay in 2002. The contrasts with the Port Authority's current proposals for Victoria Quay could not be greater. Very different sports-heritage controversies have also occurred during Fremantle's resource maintenance phase. A significant sporting-heritage point is that Fremantle lost the Americas Cup in 1987. Some material and townscape recognition has been given to the place of the game of football in Fremantle's heritage.