chapter  5
Aborigines, Bureaucrats and Cyclones: The ABC of Running an Innovative Heritage Tourism Operation
WithMarion Hercock
Pages 19

This chapter focuses on an outback tour by the director of a small tourism enterprise. Case study in the chapter demonstrates the complexities faced by a small business company which specialises in heritage tourism in the arid interior of Western Australia. The case study introduces a small business enterprise, and that company's use of heritage as a product appealing to a particular niche market. It explains a wider economic and social context of global finance and markets. The case study examines the paradox of place and places, with particular attention given to the difference between experience and place; and the problem of marketing little known places. It covers, in depth some of the 'on the ground' complexities created by the local social setting and the physical environment for the operator when running a remote area expedition. For the company, heritage tourism has provided an unparalleled way of life rather than a sustainable livelihood.