chapter  16
Influence of Drought on the Bulgarian Economy
WithNikolay Chkorev, Stefan Tsonev, Stoyan Totev
Pages 22

The possible explanations are that water-saving technologies were introduced; the country suffered an economic crisis which affected water consumption; or the drought itself was contributing to decreased water use. The more plausible causes for the sharp decline in water consumption are severe production declines and drought. If drought as a limiting factor in the development of fruits and vegetables can be reduced, it is quite possible that some social problems can be solved; these cultures require large labor input which could decrease the high level of unemployment. The drought directly influences hydro-electrical power station (HEPS) production because of the significant number of power stations working on run-of-the-river water. In the new market economy nature will continue to provide water in the spring, irrigation needs in the summer months will again be mainly met by HEPS reserves. For different reasons in its modern history, Bulgaria has radically changed its socio-economic structure.